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iGears Group has been serving our customers since 2004. We provide IT Solutions including Mobile App development, Web Design, Innovative Technology Solutions, Digital Marketing and software developments. We are expertise in programming and software development. Served thousands of customers in different areas including the Governments, hospitals, IPO, Enterprises, SME, Schools and churches all around the world. Our brands include ITChurch, WEBetter, MOBPAGE, MarketHK, EDM and etc.


For customers from EU and United Kingdom, please visit our company in UK: iGears.co.uk

iGears Group  

We have been designing and developing websites since 2004, deployed thousands of websites all over the world. We have also been developing mobile app since the first iPhone launched by Steve Jobs. We are now having over 1000 apps in iOS, Android and Windows mobile platforms.

With our professional consultant and technical team, we are glad to have opportunity to serve you and your company, aiming to benefit your business and organisation.

With our all rounded experiences, we provide one stop solutions for your business including digital marketing, design and developments.

Our products have been serving many brands and customers all these years. The Government, hospitals, international brands and enterprises are satisfied with our products and services with no doubt.

Take your time to talk to us, we are willing to let you know which solution is best fit for you.

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