We provide a one-stop service to help you build your online store. We do not only provide highly customized services for creative merchants, but also offer diversified platform template for merchants who like to save time and effort.

iShop No.1 cost-effective establishing online stores



Highly customized websites  


- Multiple themes

- Unlimited product input

- RWD website design

Support SF Express delivery


- Includes SF Express station, SF Express service points. SF Express smart cabinets and convenience stores

- Automatically updated location

- Upgradable SF Express cash on delivery services

Establish payment system


- Support multiple payment methods

- Credible and safe payment platform

- Visa, Master, Payme, Alipay, FPS

Address filled automatically


- Enable customers’ current location

- Automatically fill in phone number

- Supported by Google Map

Advanced marketing functions  

Whatsapp smart marketing


- Live Chat

- Systematic broadcast message

- Order updates notifications

Facebook store connection


- Upload product catalog

- Place advertisements

- Increase product sales

Provide wholesale system


- Provide wholesale prices to specific users

- Suitable for B2B shops

- Multiple sales experiences





The fourth largest brand in the world among users which provides the installation of anti-virus software.

Everyday Joe



Insist on creating perfect and natural luxury products like jewelries and watches.

VW Link



Committed to spread the knowledge and culture of the Christian faith through art activities, spiritual cultivation and books promotion.

Hi Lux



Specialize in the production and management of "emergency lighting systems".

Fan Sier



Provide online shopping services in the UK, and sell a variety of Asian foods from Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Singapore and other places.

Gala Gold



Committed to provide vehicle monitoring, safety assistance and environmental protection systems.






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