IT Business


We provide IT Solutions for companies including basic Website package, hosting, EDM and IT supports.

Web Design and Development   


We do design and programming for companies.


EDM - Email Direct Marketing  


Web-marketing can be classified as Keyword Advertisement, Banner and EDM (Email Direct Marketing). EDM must be the best advertising technique because of its cost-effectiveness and its quick exposure way of presenting one’s product. EDM’s self-served email promotional service is a very fast and effective way for promotion. It helps companies to update their customer with the newest product information and companies can build up a relationship with their customers from this. The EDM system is very easy to use, it helps user to create the most effective advertisement in the least amount of time. EDM also has a very reasonable pricing option, with remarkable results that everyone can see.


Mobile App Development  


We have developed 1000+ mobile apps on iOS, Android and Windows. MobPage is an Innovative Mobile Application Consultancy & Developer under iGears Technology Limited (iGears). In 2007, MobPage started to research & develop mobile applications (Apps). We assist our clients’ business by providing professional mobile app consultancy and development services. Meanwhile, we innovate different types of apps for billions of mobile users. 


SMS Promotion  


Nowadays SMS is one of the most popular communication channels. SMS is a low-cost high-efficiency promotional platform for news release and marketing promotion. Apart from this, SMS could be used in Customer Relationship Management to enhance communication between corporate and clients.


iGears provides world class support  


Our consultant team is standing by to serve you for what you need. We provide consultations to help you make use of your web for the best of your business.


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