IT Funding Programme Consultation


Our experienced team has extensive experience and has assisted many clients in providing free preliminary TVP programme consultation.


iGears encourages institutions/companies to make use of government funding to accelerate digital transformation. Therefore, iGears will provide free preliminary consultation services to clients, allowing them to understand their needs while providing the necessary quotations, and strive to answer their queries when filling out the TVP.

What is Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)?   


The Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) is a funding scheme under the Innovation and Technology Fund of the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission. The funding cap is HK$600,000 or 75% of the project cost.


The main objective of the TVP is to subsidize local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Hong Kong to utilize technology services and solutions. With better technology, local SMEs in Hong Kong can:
» Enhance productivity
» Upgrade and/or update business processes
» Maintain long-term competitiveness in the industry


Eligible ApplicantsAll sizes of local enterprises (non-listed companies)
Program ObjectiveTo subsidize local enterprises to use technology services and solutions
Funding AmountUp to HK$600,000 per eligible enterprise (Applicant enterprises must contribute in cash not less than one-third of the approved project cost)
Eligibility Criteria

- Registered in Hong Kong

- Conducting substantive business operations in Hong Kong at the time of application

Scope of TVP Funding   


Companies eligible for TVP must meet the following requirements:

  • Registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance (BRO), Companies Ordinance, or relevant ordinances of statutory bodies.
  • Not government-related organizations or subsidiaries of any government-related organizations. Government-related organizations refer to companies that regularly receive subsidies from the government.
  • Conducting substantive business operations in Hong Kong. During the TVP application period, the substantive business operation must be one or more projects. Shell companies are not eligible.
  • Non-listed enterprises.

iGears Provides Preliminary Free Consultation   


1. Provide professional IT solution recommendations

2. Answer how to upgrade and/or update business processes

3. Provide quotations for relevant services  

iGears' projects eligible for TVP application   


1. CRM system

- Education centre management system

- Membership and course management system

- HR and resource management system

2. Website design

3. Mobile app design

4. E-commerce website and platform

5. Member loyalty system

6. Appointment system

Why Choose iGears?   


1. Extensive Experience

iGears has provided free consultation to various clients. We meet with clients, assess projects, prepare quotations, assist enterprises in submitting funding applications, follow up on the application process, and prepare acceptance reports - we are very familiar with the whole process. Our clients include Christian United Social Services, Tsz On Social Services, and Christian Church Ying On Neighbourhood Elderly Centre.


2. Professional Consultation Advice

In the past 14 years, iGears has served over a thousand clients, providing various IT solutions for different industries. We will recommend the most suitable IT solutions based on the unique needs and workflows of different enterprises, to enhance their productivity and efficiency.


3. Attentive Service

Our team will fully assist clients and communicate with them regularly. We will inform clients and provide relevant documents during different project stages, including planning, design, production, testing, and maintenance, so that clients can easily understand the latest progress. Clients can also easily submit the required information when applying for the funding.

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