Software Development

Church Information System - CIS  


Church Information System (CIS) is a comprehensive multifunctional management system, which effectively, efficiently and systematically processes the daily affairs of a church. After importing relevant data into the system, information can be presented on special forms for analysis and reporting. Today, CIS is used broadly among churches and has significantly improved church management in terms of efficiency and accuracy in these churches. Thanks to Cloud Computing, staff can also access the system easily without having to install anything.


Member and Course Management System - MCS 


In view of community organizations, social service centers, youth services, elderly services, home care services and integrated family service centers having the need on information technology, our company has costum-made a Member and Course Management System (MCS) that will satisfy their needs. This membership system can help to manage member information, course information, instructor information, volunteer information, transaction records, attendance records etc. With cloud computing technology, user can access the system without installation.


Education Centre Management System - ECMS


ECMS is a management system designed for Playgroup, tutorial centers, studios, learning centers and activity centers. This system can manage students and the class’ information effectively; it also shows the fee record, print receipt and report, etc.


Customer Relationship Management System 


CRM is a technical solution to deal with customers instantly and effectively, also a way to expand business. CRM helps your company have a better understanding of customers, provides an insight in how to interact with your customer.


Human Resources Management System


HRM can help SMEs manage human resources, simplify the procedures, and save administrative cost.


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